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CEA SmartBrief

Consumer electronics news and information

CEA SmartBrief

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Google: Freemium games in Europe will no longer be dubbed as "free"


  • Re/code

Free-to-play games with in-application purchases in the Google Play app store will no longer be marketed to European Union consumers as "free" beginning in September. Google agreed to the change with … Read More

CTIA SmartBrief

Wireless industry news

CTIA SmartBrief

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Verizon attracts 1.4M wireless contract subs in Q2


  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Reuters

Verizon Communications outpaced expectations with second-quarter earnings of 91 cents a share, adding 1.4 million wireless contract customers and boosting sales 5.7% to $31.1 billion. The average size… Read More

Location SmartBrief: Business Game Changer

News on location business intelligence and data

Location SmartBrief: Business Game Changer

Published in partnership with: LBx Journal

Location data make other advertising relevant, experts say


  • BBC

Location-based data through smartphones is increasing the relevance of other outdoor forms of advertising, such as billboards, writes Matthew Wall. The ability to see what mobile users are searching a… Read More

SCTE SmartBrief

Cable telecommunication news.

SCTE SmartBrief

Published in partnership with: The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

HFC networks to last a long time with CCAP, DOCSIS 3.1


  • Broadband Technology Report

Hybrid fibre-coaxial networks, paired with CCAP and DOCSIS 3.1 architectures, could prove robust and useful for more than 15 years into the future, Monta Monaco Hernon writes. "A small number of premi… Read More