Fast-food workers might join SEIU
5/23/2016 BuzzFeed

Fast-food workers will soon vote on joining the Service Employees International Union after representatives from the Fight For 15 movement reached an initial agreement with union leaders. Workers initially would not pay dues, but the move would help workers negotiate better pay with franchises, according to SEIU's Mary Kay Henry says.

Study shows positive effects of desegregation in schools
5/24/2016 The Hechinger Report

Desegregation of schools has had positive effects on at least two generations of African-American families, according to Berkeley economist Rucker Johnson. His research shows better outcomes in educational levels and living standards.

Fed seen in campaign signaling rate boost soon
5/24/2016 Bloomberg

A Federal Reserve "communications assault" is designed to push the bond market to price in a greater possibility of a near-term interest-rate increase, observers say. The campaign, including comments from two Fed officials, appears to be working, with the market calculating a near-even chance of a rate increase in July.

How Panera keeps the focus on simple food

Panera Bread's move to simplify ingredients included a decision to make its green goddess salad dressing on-site, a challenging proposition for a chain with more than 2,000 restaurants, head chef Dan Kish told attendees of a session at the NRA Show. "We have to not think like big restaurant thinking, but we have to be cooks, we have to be chefs, we have to be in the food business and not be in the managing-a-publicly-traded company business," he said.

Phototherapy for newborns tied to slight rise in cancer risk

Infants exposed to phototherapy had a slightly higher risk of developing cancer compared with those who didn't receive the treatment, according to a study in Pediatrics. Another study, also in Pediatrics, showed that youths who had phototherapy were more likely to have liver cancer, leukemia and nonlymphocytic leukemia. Phototherapy is often used to treat jaundice in newborns and sometimes as a preventive measure.

Budweiser, The Players' Tribune join forces on social content team
5/24/2016 Digiday

Budweiser has teamed with Derek Jeter's digital publication, The Players' Tribune, to create a short-form social content unit for images, posts and videos. The deal is in place for six months, during which time the team will create 44 pieces of content, including "Moments of Greatness" spots featuring athletes such as Isaiah Thomas.

Warby Parker fuels new eyeglass rivalry

Warby Parker's popular low-priced eyeglasses model has raised the bar for two long-time New York City eyewear retailers. Moscot has responded by giving its store a hipster makeover, while 130-store franchisor Cohen's Fashion Optical has launched a private-label line that sells for less than $100 a pair.

Samsung finds success in breaking from old ways
5/23/2016 Reuters

Samsung Electronics has managed to stabilize its sagging smartphone business through a series of steps that change the way the South Korean firm has done business in the past, Reuters reports. The company, which enjoyed its best profit since 2014 in the latest quarter, adopted a new philosophy geared toward economies of scale, extended high-end features to lower-priced phones and overhauled their designs.

Suicide warning for Pfizer's Chantix removed by EMA
5/24/2016 The Associated Press

The European Medicines Agency has removed a warning about possible suicidal risks that has been in place on Pfizer's smoking-cessation drug Chantix for the past seven years after an 8,144-patient study showed that the drug does not pose a higher risk of suicidal behaviors. A similar warning on GlaxoSmithKline's Zyban has not yet been changed by European regulators. The FDA said it is reviewing the study.

AT&T reduces installment plan options to 2
5/24/2016 CNET

AT&T, in a bid to simplify its menu of offerings, has reduced its Next installment plan offerings from four to two -- AT&T Next Every Year and AT&T Next. The two plans differ in the time allowed to pay off the phones and how long subscribers must wait to upgrade their devices.

Oopsie: Surveying error results in bridge built 6 inches too low

A surveying error has left a rebuilt Newport, Del., railroad bridge 6 inches lower than intended, meaning CSX still can't use double-stacked trains. “It appears that the original survey shots may not have been top of the rail [as requested]; they may have been bottom of the rail,” said Barry Benton, a Delaware Department of Transportation bridge engineer. Raising the bridge will cost about $500,000. Federal Highway Administration spokesman Doug Hecox said the error could be a "teachable moment," hammering home the need to be thorough.

Parsley Energy picks up 30,000 acres in Permian

Parsley Energy will pay $280.5 million in cash to acquire mineral rights on about 30,000 acres in the Permian Basin of West Texas. The seller was not disclosed. The deal is due to close in mid-July.

Southwest wants to offer service to 3 Mexican cities from LAX
5/23/2016 Travel Weekly

Southwest Airlines plans to file applications to fly to three cities in Mexico from Los Angeles International Airport. Southwest wants to offer service from LAX to Los Cabos, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

Bookings to Europe remain strong, except to attacked areas
5/24/2016 Travel Agent Central

Travel to European destinations remains strong; however, destinations that have experienced recent terror attacks such as Brussels and Istanbul have seen a fall in bookings, reports Allianz Global Assistance. "People still want to go to Europe, but they’re seeking those destinations that they think will be safe," said Allianz's Daniel Durazo.